Aluminum electrolytic capacitors

Military Surplus aluminum eloctrolytic capacitors acquired circa 1980's. Mostly used for low-frequency filtering of power supplies for commercial (60Hz) and Military (400Hz) uses.

PartNo Description ~Qty~ Condition
0180-0055D32478 4.0uF 450vDC radial 2 old unused
066JP561T100B 560uF 100vDC axial 2 old unused
100143U050BF2B 14000uF 50vDC SANGAMO 100 screw 6 old unused
101E1012 24000uF 50vDC SANGAMO 101 screw 1 old unused
102P80197FAH634P 1500uF 50vDC CDE screw 2 used untested
11-65CXR10-100AC-A 10uF 100vAC axial 1 old unused
20-65CES33000-20I 33000uF 20vDC CALLINS screw 9 old unused
21C70AA351 350uF 70vDC radial 1 old unused
271C15HC822 8200uF 15vDC STM screw 1 used untested
30D206G012BB2 20uF 12vDC +-20% axial 7 old unused
30D206G025CB2 20uF 25vDC +-20% axial 6 old unused
30D206M010BB2 20uF 10vDC +-20% axial 250 old unused
30D357G016DH2 350uF 16vDC +-20% axial 2 old unused
30D505G050BB2 5.0uF 50vDC axial 3 old unused
30D605G025BA2 6.0uF 25vDC axial 10 old unused
3110DF252T350 2500uF 350vDC MEPCO screw 3 old unused
3110JA113T040 11000uF 40vDC MEPCO screw 1 old unused
3120HA142T075 1400uF 75vDC MEPCO screw 1 old unused
3186BC602U020AMA2 6000uF 20vDC MEPCO screw 2 old unused
32D1108T 2500uF 30vDC SPRAGUE screw 1 old unused
32D302G050AD6A 3000uF 50vDC SPRAGUE screw 1 old unused
36D/EP25-272 2700uF 25vDC SPRAGUE screw 1 old unused
36D/EP40-123 12000uF 40vDC SPRAGUE screw 2 old unused
36D372F200CF2A 3700uF 200vDC SPRAGUE screw 4 old unused
36D452G050AD2A 4500uF 50vDC SPRAGUE 36D screw 1 old unused
36D7534 67000uF 10vDC SPRAGUE 36D screw 1 old unused
36D861F450C2A 860uF 450vDC SPRAGUE 36D screw 1 used untested
36D9204 49000uF 50vDC SPRAGUE 36D screw 6 old unused
36DX/EP15-153 15000uF 15vDC SPRAGUE 36D screw 1 used untested
39D257F250JS4 250uF 250vDC axial 8 old unused
39D527F100JP4 520uF 100vDC axial 30 old unused
39D756F100FJ4 75uF 100vDC axial 2 old unused
43F3082MA4 37500uF 10vDC GE screw 1 old unused
500-1051-02 4500uF 35vDC SANGAMO 500 screw 3 old unused
500-1925-01 18000uF 10vDC SANGAMO screw 3 old unused
500-7797-02 15000uF 15vDC SANGAMO 500 screw 8 old unused
539-1890-02 8000uF 40vDC SANGAMO DCM screw 1 old unused
600D447G020DL5 440uF 15vDC EXTRALYTIC axial 7 old unused
61C75HA252 2500uF 75vDC MEPCO axial 4 old unused
622D103M016AA2A 10000uF 16vDC SPRAGUE screw 1 old unused
711410-100 40uF 50vDC +100% -10% axial 2 old unused
711410-352 100uF 350vDC +50% -10% SPRAGUE radial 3 used untested
711410-428 450uF 150vDC SPRAGUE radial 1 used untested
711410-485 1430uF 50vDC MALLORY radial 5 used untested
711410-502 2500uF 25vDC +100% -10% SPRAGUE screw/post 1
711410-522 10500uF 6vDC SPRAGUE radial 1 old unused
711411-3 7000uF 25vDC screw 1 used untested
71C150DC63 6000uF 150vDC STM screw 1 old unused
71C15HA452 4500uF 15vDC STM screw 1 old unused
80D472P050MB5 4700uF 50vDC SPRAGUE screw 11 old unused
80D682P025KB5 6800uF 25vDC SPRAGUE screw 13 old unused
86F180MJ 23400uF 75vDC GE screw 3 used untested
86F5015M1 18000uF 15vDC GE screw 1 old unused
91C350DF252 2500uF 350vDC STM screw 1 used untested
B41471-E6486-T 4800uF 50vDC SIEMANS screw 2 old unused
BR-2000-25 2000uF 25vDC CDE BEAVER axial 1 old unused
BTE-3508 3.0uF 350vDC bathtub 1 used untested
CAP-A-105-25 1.0uF 25vNP axial 35 old unused
CAP-A-106-25 10uF 25vDC radial 113 old unused
CAP-A-106-35 10uF 35vNP radial 12 old unused
CAP-A-106-40 10uF 40vDC axial 69 old unused
CAP-A-107-16 100uF 16vDC radial 4 old unused
CAP-A-107-25 100uF 25vDC axial 8 old unused
CAP-A-107-50 100uF 25vDC axial 32 old unused
CAP-A-108-25 1000uF 25vDC axial 17 old unused
CAP-A-225-35 2.2uF 35vDC axial 12 old unused
CAP-A-227-16 220uF 16vDC axial 1 old unused
CAP-A-227-25 220uF 25vDC radial 2 old unused
CAP-A-227-35 220uF 35vDC axial 23 old unused
CAP-A-227-50 220uF 50vDC radial 7 old unused
CAP-A-256-25 25uF 25vDC axial 10 old unused
CAP-A-337-16 330uF 16vDC radial 37 old unused
CAP-A-337-25 330uF 25vDC radial 88 old unused
CAP-A-338-63 3300uF 63vDC NICHICON radial 20 used untested
CAP-A-408-46 4000uF 46vDC SPRAGUE DJA screw 1 used untested
CAP-A-475-25 4.7uF 35vDC radial 70 old unused
CAP-A-508-35 5000uF 35vDC AEROVOX QE screw 2 used untested
CAP-A-538-100 5300uF 100vDC SPRAGUE 36D screw 1 used untested
CAP-A-685-50 6.8uF 50vDC axial 5 old unused
CBP-90-068 90uF 300vDC SPRAGUE LAMBDA axial 1 old unused
CBR-16-039 160uF 60vDC axial 1 old unused
CBT-17-022 17000uF 50vDC LAMBDA screw 1 used untested
CE11C5R6G 5.6uF 50vDC +-2% axial 3 old unused
CE13C152G 1500uF 50vDC SPRAGUE 34D axial 14 old unused
CE13C201G 200uF 50vDC SPRAGUE axial 1 old unused
CE13C681G 680uF 50vDC axial 3 old unused
CE14C101H 100uF 100vDC axial 1 old unused
CE51C102F 1000uF 25vDC SPRAGUE tube 2 used untested
CE51C251F 250uF 25vDC CDE tube 2 used untested
CE71C102K 1000uF 200vDC SPRAGUE screw 1 old unused
CE71C152F 1500uF 25vDC SPRAGUE 32D screw 6 old unused
CE71C162G 1600uF 50vDC SPRAGUE screw 1 old unused
CE71C223E 22000uF 15vDC SPRAGUE 32D screw 1 old unused
CE71C223G 22000uF 50vDC SPRAGUE 32D screw 3 old unused
CE71C332H 3300uF 100vDC SANGAMO 581 screw 3 old unused
CEO2W1E301 300uF 25vDC axial 44 old unused
CG114U010X4C3PL 110000uF 10vDC MALLORY CG screw 1 old unused
CG452U50D1 4500uF 50vDC MALLORY CG screw 2 used untested
CG600T200N1N1PS 60uF 200vDC MALLORY CG radial 2 old unused
CG822U75F1 8200uF 75vDC MALLORY screw 3 old unused
CGR513U016W3C 51000uF 16vDC MALLORY screw 8 old unused
CGS153U015BF1 15000uF 15vDC MALLORY screw 1 old unused
CGS213U100V4C 21000uF 100vDC MALLORY screw 4 old unused
CGS222U400V4C 2200uF 400vDC MALLORY screw 2 old unused
CGS273U025DI1 27000uF 25vDC MALLORY screw 2 used untested
CGS343U015DF1 34000uF 15vDC MALLORY CG screw 3 used untested
CGS821U075BB1 820uF 75vDC MALLORY CG screw 1 used untested
CGS822U025BF1 8200uF 25vDC MALLORY CG screw 1 old unused
D33421 18000uF 66vDC SPRAGUE screw 2 used untested
DJA1435-14 4000uF 40vDC SPRAGUE screw 3 used untested
DJA1435-19 2000uF 125vDC SPRAGUE screw 1 used untested
FAH232-2P 4500uF 25vDC CDE screw 1 old unused
FAH7764 2500uF 350vDC CDE screw 3 used untested
FAR4500-100-CD 4500uF 100vDC CDE 139 screw 1 old unused
FP444 20uF 450vDC MALLORY axial 1 old unused
M39018/01-0728 220uF 20vDC +75% -10% axial 1 old unused
M39018/01-0729 220uF 20vDC +75% -10% axial 8 old unused
M39018/03-0619 680uF 15vDC +30% -10% axial 7 old unused
M39018/03-0620 1000uF 15vDC +30% -10% axial 50 old unused
M39018/03-0630 680uF 30vDC +30% -10% axial 8 old unused
M39018/03-0739 470uF 50vDC +75% -10% axial 12 old unused
M39018/03-0785 15uF 300vDC axial 8 old unused
M39018/03-1149M 470uF 75vDC +75% -10% axial 1 old unused
M39018/04-0046 10000uF 50vDC screw 2 old unused
M39018/04-0048 22000uF 50vDC screw 1 old unused
M39018/04-0076 3300uF 200vDC screw 6 old unused
M39018/04-0098 220uF 350vDC screw 4 old unused
M39018/04-0105 2200uF 350vDC screw 1 used damaged
M39018/04-0728 330uF 30vDC axial 1 old unused
M39018/04-2028M 10000uF 10vDC screw 3 old unused
M39018/04-2117M 2600uF 75vDC screw 4 old unused
M39018/07-0127M 250uF 200vDC +75% -10% axial 2 old unused
M62/02-024 170uF 50vDC axial 5 old unused
M62/12-022 15000uF 25vDC SPRAGUE screw 3 used untested
MCR2W5 5.0uF 200vDC axial 1 old unused
NLW400-12 400uF 12vDC axial 9 old unused
RNE-25-25 250uF 25vDC radial 25 old unused
TVA-1121 1000uF 25vDC axial 13 old unused
TVA-1162 500uF 16vDC axial 69 old unused
TVA-1613 60uF 350vDC SPRAGE TVA axial 1 old unused
TVA1203 5.0uF 25vDC axial 3 old unused
UPTEX17847 40uF 150vDC radial 1 old unused
WBR-5000-16 5000uF 25vDC CDE WBR axial 4 old unused
WP055 100uF 25vDC MALLORY WP radial 3 used untested

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