Wet tantalum capacitors

Military grade (high-reliability) MIL-PRF-39006 wet-electrolyte tantalum capacitors acquired circa 1980's. Wet tantalum capacitors are usually applied in circuits where the AC component is small compared to the DC component. Typical uses include blocking, by-passing, decoupling, and filtering. They are also used in timing circuits. If two of these polar capacitors are connected "back-to-back" (i.e., negative-to-negative or positive-to-positive), the pair may be used in AC applications (as a non-polar device).

PartNo Description ~Qty~ Condition
M39006/01-3045 100uF 50vDC 2 old unused
M39006/01-3052 25uF 100vDC 5 old unused
M39006/02-2237 5.0uF 25vDC +-20% 18 old unused
M39006/03-1357 10uF 30vDC +75% -15% 4 old unused
M39006/03-1373 30uF 100vDC 2 old unused
M39006/03-1427 1.5uF 200vDC +-15% 4 old unused
M39006/03-1451 12uF 30vDC +75% -15% 4 old unused
M39006/04-1246 35uF 15vDC 5 old unused
M39006/09-6070 270uF 15vDC 5 old unused
M39006/09-6084 180uF 25vDC 2 old unused
M39006/09-6249 180uF 10vDC 23 old unused
M39006/09-6324 47uF 50vDC 10 old unused
M39006/09-8256 390uF 10vDC 2 old unused
M39006/09-8283 22uF 100vDC +-20% 7 old unused
M39006/09-8323 47uF 50vDC 5 old unused
M39006/09-8324 47uF 50vDC 1 old unused
M39006/09-8372 110uF 75vDC 25 old unused
M39006/09-8383 22uF 100vDC +-20% 23 old unused
M39006/09-8386 30uF 100vDC 1 old unused
M39006/09-8481 270uF 15vDC 3 old unused
M39006/22-0086 22uF 25vDC +-5% 6 old unused
M39006/22-0090 100uF 25vDC 2 old unused
M39006/22-0114 100uF 30vDC 1 old unused
M39006/22-0160 140uF 60vDC 9 old unused
M39006/22-0219 56uF 125vDC 1 old unused

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