Linear integrated circuits

Electronic Engineering surplus Linear Integrated-Circuits. There is a good variety of standard Regulators, Comparators, OpAmps, Instrumentation Amplifiers, Analog Switches as well as some specialty devices. Some of these parts are discontinued and are very hard to find.

PartNo Description Price ~Stock
1460 TELEDYNE power opamp $Ask 4 NOS
3551SQ-2 BB opamp $Ask 1 NOS
3584JM BB power opamp $Ask 1 NOS
4127KG BB log amplifier $Ask 1 NOS
7805C voltage regulator +5v 1A $Ask 26 NOS
7808C voltage regulator +8v 1A $Ask 5 NOS
7810C voltage regulator +10v 1A $Ask 2 NOS
7812C voltage regulator +12v 1A $Ask 29 NOS
7815C voltage regulator +15v 1A $Ask 31 NOS
7905C voltage regulator -5v 1A $Ask 6 NOS
7908C voltage regulator -8v 1A $Ask 15 NOS
7915C voltage regulator -15v 1A $Ask 21 NOS
AD506KH opamp FET-input $Ask 1 NOS
AD516KH opamp FET-input $Ask 4 NOS
AD524AD precision instrumentation amplifier $Ask 19 NOS
AD524BD precision instrumentation amplifier $Ask 1 NOS
AD524CD precision instrumentation amplifier $Ask 1 NOS
AD532JD analog multiplier/divider Gold-plated $Ask 35 NOS
AD534JD analog precision multiplier/divider $Ask 1 NOS
AD536ASD true RMS-to-DC converter $Ask 1 NOS
AD624AD precision instrumentation amplifier $Ask 2 NOS
AD637KQ precision wideband RMS-to-DC converter $Ask 1 NOS
AD639AD universal trigonometric function converter $Ask 2 NOS
AH0013MA linear low-noise FET input wideband pre-amplifier $Ask 10 NOS
AM-551MR DATEL instrumentation amplifier programmable $Ask 2 NOS
CA3028B differential/cascode amplifier $Ask 5 NOS
CA3049T/3 RF/IF amplifier $Ask 280 NOS
CA3058 zero-voltage switch $Ask 12 NOS
DG120P 3-channel drivers w/differential switches Gold-plated $Ask 4 NOS
DG125BP summing 5-channel analog switch $Ask 4 NOS
DG154AP dual DPST analog switch Gold-plated $Ask 1 NOS
DG173AK DPDT analog switch $Ask 6 NOS
DG190AK dual SPDT analog switch $Ask 343 NOS
DG190AP dual SPDT analog switch $Ask 5 NOS
DG190BP dual SPDT analog switch Gold-plated $Ask 5 NOS
DG200AP dual SPST analog switch $Ask 5 NOS
DG200BP dual SPST analog switch Gold-plated $Ask 6 NOS
DG201ACJ quad SPST analog switch $Ask 2 NOS
DG243CJ dual SPDT analog switch $Ask 9 NOS
DG300AAK dual SPST analog switch $Ask 4 NOS
DG300AP dual SPST analog switch $Ask 73 NOS
DG300BP dual SPST analog switch $Ask 1 NOS
DG304CJ dual SPST analog switch $Ask 22 NOS
DG307AP dual SPDT analog switch $Ask 3 NOS
DG390ABK dual DPST analog switch $Ask 6 NOS
DG5043CJ dual DPST analog switch $Ask 6 NOS
DG506AR 16x1 analog multiplexer $Ask 5 NOS
DG506BR 16x1 analog multiplexer $Ask 3 NOS
DG506CJ 16x1 analog multiplexer $Ask 2 NOS
DG507CJ dual 8x1 analog multiplexer $Ask 10 NOS
DG508AAK 8x1 analog multiplexer $Ask 1 NOS
DG508AP 8x1 analog multiplexer $Ask 8 NOS
DG528CJ 8-to-1 analog multiplexer $Ask 4 NOS
DG529CJ 8-to-1/differential 4-to-1 analog multiplexer $Ask 6 NOS
DGM111AP dual SPST NC analog switch Gold-plated $Ask 3 NOS
HA1-2400-2 4-channel programmable amplifier Gold-plated $Ask 15 NOS
HA1-2425-5 3.2uS sample and hold amplifier $Ask 23 NOS
HA1-4602-2 quad opamp $Ask 110 NOS
HA1-4605-5 quad compensated opamp $Ask 6 NOS
HA1-4741-2 quad opamp $Ask 13 NOS
HA1-5195-5 fast settling opamp $Ask 3 NOS
HA2-2520-2 high slew-rate uncompensated opamp $Ask 2 NOS
HA2-2525-5 high slew-rate uncompensated opamp $Ask 12 NOS
HA2-2625-5 wideband uncompensated opamp $Ask 19 NOS
HI1-201-5 quad SPST analog switch $Ask 250 NOS
HI1-518-5 8-to-1/differential 4-to-1 analog multiplexer $Ask 4 NOS
HL51002 unknown $Ask 350 NOS
HOS100SH AD buffer amplifier high-speed $Ask 4 NOS
HP2630 dual optocoupler $Ask 17 NOS
ICL8013 4-quadrant analog multiplier $Ask 2 NOS
LAS19U voltage regulator positive 5A $Ask 1 NOS
LF156H JFET input BI-FET opamp $Ask 11 NOS
LF356N JFET input BI-FET opamp $Ask 28 NOS
LFC156 JFET input BI-FET opamp dice $Ask 25 NOS
LH0002H buffer-voltage follower amplifier $Ask 19 NOS
LH0022D high performance FET opamp Gold-plated $Ask 3 NOS
LH0023G general purpose sample and hold $Ask 3 NOS
LH0032CG ultra fast FET-input opamp $Ask 2 NOS
LH0033G buffer voltage follower amplifier $Ask 2 NOS
LH0033J buffer voltage follower amplifier $Ask 11 NOS
LH0063K very fast buffer amplifier $Ask 8 NOS
LM102F voltage follower SMD MIL gold-plated $Ask 5 NOS
LM1035N dual tone/volume/balance controller $Ask 5 NOS
LM104H negative voltage regulator $Ask 3 NOS
LM105H positive voltage regulator $Ask 8 NOS
LM106H voltage comparator high-speed $Ask 22 NOS
LM107H general purpose opamp $Ask 3 NOS
LM108AH precision opamp $Ask 12 NOS
LM109H voltage regulator +5v $Ask 34 NOS
LM109K voltage regulator +5v Gold $Ask 23 NOS
LM110H voltage follower $Ask 27 NOS
LM110J voltage follower $Ask 1 NOS
LM110T voltage follower SMD MIL Gold-plated $Ask 1 NOS
LM111D voltage comparator Gold-plated $Ask 2 NOS
LM111F voltage comparator SMD MIL $Ask 36 NOS
LM111FB voltage comparator SMD MIL Gold-plated $Ask 6 NOS
LM111H voltage comparator $Ask 95 NOS
LM113H reference diode 1.220v $Ask 4 NOS
LM117H regulator adjustable $Ask 2 NOS
LM117K regulator adjustable $Ask 4 NOS
LM118H precision high-speed opamp $Ask 56 NOS
LM119D dual comparator high-speed Gold-plated $Ask 22 NOS
LM119J dual comparator high-speed $Ask 21 NOS
LM11CH buffer voltage follower amplifier $Ask 9 NOS
LM120CH-5.0 voltage regulator -5v $Ask 1 NOS
LM120K-15 voltage regulator -15v $Ask 4 NOS
LM120K-5.2 voltage regulator -5.2v $Ask 2 NOS
LM124D quad low power opamp Gold-plated $Ask 13 NOS
LM124J quad low power opamp $Ask 6 NOS
LM129AH 6.9v precision reference $Ask 1 NOS
LM138K voltage regulator positive adjustable $Ask 5 NOS
LM139D quad low power low offset voltage comparator $Ask 10 NOS
LM148D quad 741 opamp $Ask 2 NOS
LM210D voltage follower $Ask 4 NOS
LM300 positive voltage regulator $Ask 23 NOS
LM308H precision opamp $Ask 5 NOS
LM309H voltage regulator +5v $Ask 3 NOS
LM311N voltage comparator $Ask 4 NOS
LM317H regulator adjustable $Ask 2 NOS
LM317K regulator adjustable $Ask 1 NOS
LM317T regulator adjustable $Ask 2 NOS
LM320K-5.0 voltage regulator -5v 3A 30W $Ask 1 NOS
LM323K voltage regulator +5v 3A 30W Gold $Ask 15 NOS
LM337K voltage regulator negative adjustable $Ask 6 NOS
LM340K-12 voltage regulator +12v $Ask 2 NOS
LM340K-15 voltage regulator +15v $Ask 3 NOS
LM342P10 positive voltage regulator $Ask 3 NOS
LM360N high speed differential comparator $Ask 48 NOS
LM399H precision temperature stabilized reference 6.95v $Ask 3 NOS
LM556J dual timer $Ask 4 NOS
LM709AF general purpose opamp SMD MIL Gold-plated $Ask 3 NOS
LM709H general purpose opamp $Ask 25 NOS
LM710H high speed comparator $Ask 39 NOS
LM711N dual high speed comparator $Ask 4 NOS
LM723D high precision voltage regulator Gold-plated $Ask 13 NOS
LM723H high precision voltage regulator $Ask 25 NOS
LM723J high precision voltage regulator $Ask 5 NOS
LM733H differential wideband video amplifier $Ask 14 NOS
LM741CN general purpose opamp $Ask 26 NOS
LM741H general purpose opamp $Ask 78 NOS
LM747CN dual general purpose opamp $Ask 5 NOS
LM747D dual general purpose opamp Gold-plated $Ask 35 NOS
LM747J dual general purpose opamp $Ask 122 NOS
LM78M12H voltage regulator +12v $Ask 37 NOS
LM78M15H voltage regulator +15v $Ask 4 NOS
LM79M12H voltage regulator -12v $Ask 8 NOS
LMC136-2.5 2.5v shunt regulator diode dice $Ask 100 NOS
LMC139 quad low power low offset voltage comparator dice $Ask 50 NOS
LMC211 voltage comparator dice $Ask 1 NOS
LMC835N 14-band digital controlled graphic equalizer $Ask 9 NOS
MC12060P crystal oscillator $Ask 2 NOS
MC1536G general purpose opamp $Ask 1 NOS
MC1545G general purpose video amplifier $Ask 4 NOS
MC1563G negative voltage regulator $Ask 2 NOS
MC1563R negative voltage regulator $Ask 23 NOS
MC1569G positive voltage regulator $Ask 5 NOS
MC1776G micropower programmable opamp $Ask 3 NOS
MCT6 dual phototransistor optocoupler $Ask 4 NOS
NE558N quad timer $Ask 38 NOS
NE565H phase locked loop $Ask 6 NOS
NE565N phase locked loop $Ask 1 NOS
OP11BY quad matched 741-type opamp $Ask 5 NOS
OP27AJ low noise precision opamp $Ask 1 NOS
OP27AZ low noise precision opamp $Ask 5 NOS
OP27NBC low noise precision opamp dice $Ask 50 NOS
OPA512BM BB power opamp $Ask 1 NOS
PA08 APEX power opamp $Ask 3 NOS
PA12A APEX power opamp $Ask 9 NOS
PA12M APEX power opamp $Ask 1 NOS
PA51A APEX power opamp $Ask 1 NOS
PA73 APEX power opamp $Ask 1 NOS
PWM125CK regulating pulse width modulator $Ask 2 NOS
RC4559T dual general purpose opamp $Ask 64 NOS
REF01NTBC 10v precision voltage reference dice $Ask 25 NOS
SE555N timer $Ask 75 NOS
SG1503Y precision reference 2.5v $Ask 10 NOS
SG7905AK voltage regulator -5v $Ask 3 NOS
SN52711L dual high speed comparator $Ask 5 NOS
SSM2015P audio low noise microphone preamp $Ask 6 NOS
SSM2016P audio ultra low noise differential preamp $Ask 4 NOS
SSM2044P 4-pole voltage controlled filter $Ask 1 NOS
SSM2045P music voicing system $Ask 2 NOS
SSM2110P true RMS-to-DC converter $Ask 4 NOS
SSM2122P dynamic range processors/dual VCA $Ask 2 NOS
SSM2131P audio high speed opamp $Ask 6 NOS
SSM2134P audio low noise opamp $Ask 10 NOS
SSM2141P audio differential line receiver $Ask 10 NOS
SSM2142P audio balanced line driver $Ask 10 NOS
SSM2210P audio NPN transistor matched pair $Ask 4 NOS
SSM2218P trimmless voltage controlled amplifier $Ask 2 NOS
SSM2220P audio PNP transistor matched pair $Ask 20 NOS
SSM2402P audio dual analog switch $Ask 10 NOS
TL084M quad FET input opamp $Ask 5 NOS
UA1558RMQB general purpose opamp $Ask 98 NOS
UA4136PC quad general purpose opamp $Ask 7 NOS
UA7805KMQB regulator 5v 1A $Ask 20 NOS
XR2206CP monolithic function generator $Ask 21 NOS
XR2208CP analog multiplier $Ask 1 NOS
XR2242M long range timer $Ask 6 NOS
XR2256CP dual timer $Ask 6 NOS

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