Stored modules

Electronic Engineering surplus Vintage specialized hybrid Potted-Module circuits. These are essentially prototypes for the integrated circuits that came after their time. All of these were spectacular innovations in their time to be useful now for maybe museum displays.

PartNo Description Price ~Stock
4853 TELEDYNE fast sample and hold $Ask 1 NOS
A-2981/M INTECH a-d converter 9-bit $Ask 2 NOS
A-2991 INTECH a-d converter 12-bit $Ask 1 NOS
AD-451L AD frequency-voltage converter $Ask 1 NOS
AD-L114A AD D/A operational amplifier $Ask 1 NOS
AD-MDA-L AD D/A converter BCD 12-bit $Ask 1 NOS
AD2023 AD 3-digit DPM module $Ask 2 NOS
ADC-EH10B2 DATEL A/D converter high-speed $Ask 1 NOS
ADC1103 AD a-d converter 12-bit $Ask 1 NOS
ADC1111 AD a-d converter 12-bit $Ask 2 NOS
BB-1507/15 BB D/A amplifier $Ask 1 NOS
BB-3004/15 BB D/A amplifier $Ask 1 NOS
BB-3020/15 BB D/A amplifier $Ask 1 NOS
CAT-2741-3 DDC synchro conversion module $Ask 1 NOS
DAC-HL10B DATEL D/A converter ultra-fast $Ask 1 NOS
DAC04100-600 DDC D/A converter $Ask 2 NOS
DTM-1176 AD digital vector generator $Ask 5 NOS
HSC-501 HSC a-d converter 10-bit w/socket $Ask 2 NOS
RDC1721 AD synchro-digital converter 16-bit $Ask 2 NOS
SHA-2A AD sample and hold amplifier $Ask 1 NOS
SHM-UH3 AD ultra-fast sample and hold $Ask 1 NOS

Found 31 items in 21 types