Military diode collection

Military/Aerospace Surplus diodes. All NOS in excellent condition with straight factory-length leads and/or mounting hardware. Many of these items are gold or silver plated depending on their package style and qualification level.
Note: All military diodes in this catalog 'are' in fact identified as being JAN (or better) qualified however that designation was purposely ommited from the description in order to simplify part-numbering.

General information on diodes can be found on Wiki. Additionally a more comprehensive inventory list (filtered) is available as a CSV file or if you didn't understand that there is also a linux generated Excel version.

Small Signal Diodes. Low current (small signal) switching diodes. Mostly High Reliability Military Grade hermetically sealed and glass encapsulated.
General and Fast Rectifier Diodes. General purpose low to medium power, fast switching and some high power diodes. Mostly High Reliability Military Grade hermetically sealed and Metal/Glass encapsulated.
Zener Voltage Regulating Diodes. Zener diodes Avalanche (leak) at a particular voltage making them suitable for moderate tolerance Voltage Reference sources and for Voltage Clamping (snubber) elements. Mostly High Reliability Military Grade hermetically sealed Metal/Glass encapsulated.
Schottky Ultra Fast Switching Diodes. Schottky Ultra Fast switching diodes additionally having a lower forward bias voltage
Motorola Current Regulating Diodes. Within Min and Max voltage range these diodes maintain (regulate) current, or bias, to any circuit in series with the diode.
High Power RF/Microwave Diodes. High-Reliability Military High and Ultra High Frequency mixer and varactor diodes. All gold plated.
Tunneling Diodes.