Crystals and oscillators

Electronic Engineering Surplus oscillator-crystals and crystal-oscillators. Mostly quartz with some ceramic resonators and a few vintage radio (plug-in) modules. A few temperature-stabilized (oven) reference oscillators are also available.

General information on crystals can be found on Wiki. Additionally a more comprehensive inventory list (filtered) is available as a CSV file or if you didn't understand that there is also a Linux generated Excel version.

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PartNo Type Frequency Spec Style Price ~Stock
CUSTOM4M999996 crystal 4.999996mHz temperature-compensated $Ask 1
CUSTOM4M999998 crystal 4.999998mHz temperature-compensated $Ask 2
CUSTOM5M000002 crystal 5.000002mHz temperature-compensated $Ask 1
CUSTOM5M000003 crystal 5.000003mHz temperature-compensated $Ask 2
MP040-4M0000 crystal 4.000000mHz CTS HC49U $Ask 1
XO-11A1.000M crystal 1.000000mHz HC49U $Ask 6
XTAL-100M0000 crystal 100.0000mHz ICM HC50U $Ask 2
XTAL-12M00000 crystal 12.00000mHz CEFW/CCCN HC49U $Ask 14
XTAL-136M8576 crystal 136.8576mHz X STD L HC49U $Ask 3
XTAL-13M97222 crystal 13.97222mHz WRIGHT HC50U $Ask 1
XTAL-18K00000 crystal 18.00000kHz SENTRY HC49U $Ask 1
XTAL-18M00000 crystal 18.00000mHz CCCN HC49U $Ask 4
XTAL-19M13177 crystal 19.13177mHz CADI HC48U $Ask 1
XTAL-19M14351 crystal 19.14351mHz CADI HC48U $Ask 2
XTAL-1M000000 crystal 1.000000mHz HC48U $Ask 2
XTAL-1M294880 crystal 1.294880mHz CCZU HC48U $Ask 1
XTAL-1M839210 crystal 1.839210mHz CCCN HC51U $Ask 1
XTAL-1M843885 crystal 1.843885mHz HC50U $Ask 1
XTAL-1M920000 crystal 1.920000mHz CBVZ HC50U $Ask 1
XTAL-1M925430 crystal 1.925430mHz HC50U $Ask 1
XTAL-20K00000 crystal 30.00000kHz ERIE HC48U tall $Ask 5
XTAL-20M00000 crystal 20.00000mHz CCZU HC49U $Ask 1
XTAL-2M010000 crystal 2.010000mHz HC48U $Ask 1
XTAL-2M097152 crystal 2.097152mHz USCC HC50U $Ask 1
XTAL-2M457600 crystal 2.457600mHz HC50U $Ask 1
XTAL-30M00000 crystal 30.00000mHz MCCOY T0-5 $Ask 5
XTAL-30M00000-1 crystal 30.00000mHz PTI HC49U 3-pin $Ask 10
XTAL-333M1000 crystal 333.1000mHz HC51U $Ask 8
XTAL-3M000000 crystal 3.000000mHz KDS HC49U $Ask 2
XTAL-3M728887 crystal 3.000000mHz HC49U $Ask 4
XTAL-44M14260 crystal 44.12460mHz HC49U $Ask 1
XTAL-45M25000 crystal 45.25000mHz CZX HC49U $Ask 1
XTAL-48K00000 crystal 48.00000kHz BLILEY HC51U $Ask 1
XTAL-48M25000 crystal 48.25000mHz CCSO HC50U $Ask 2
XTAL-51M77522 crystal 51.77522mHz CCSO HC50U $Ask 2
XTAL-5M000000 crystal 5.000000mHz PHILIPS HC48U glass $Ask 2
XTAL-5M000000-1 crystal 5.000000mHz HC49U $Ask 4
XTAL-5M242880 crystal 5.242880mHz HC49U $Ask 1
XTAL-6275K000 crystal 6275.000kHz CH 294 RCA FT243 $Ask 1
XTAL-62M00000 crystal 62.00000mHz CCSO HC50U $Ask 2
XTAL-6M000000 crystal 6.000000mHz MTRON HC49U $Ask 6
XTAL-6M526000 crystal 6.526000mHz CTS HC49U $Ask 27
XTAL-752K2000 crystal 752.2000kHz BULOVA HC51U $Ask 4
XTAL-7550K000 crystal 7550.000kHz CH 345 FT243 $Ask 1
XTAL-8600K000 crystal 8600.000kHz FT243 $Ask 2
XTAL-8M360000 crystal 8.360000mHz INTC HC48U $Ask 1
XTAL-93M75000 crystal 93.75000mHz 8210502-14 TO-5 $Ask 2
723890-45 oscillator 1.075200mHz OCXO $Ask 1
M55310/16-841A $Ask 7
MCM377-2 oscillator 900.00000Hz Q-TECH $Ask 2
MTO-T1-S1-24.0000MHZ $Ask 1
MTO-T1-S1-32.0000MHZ $Ask 1
QT4T6-10.240MHZ oscillator 10.24000mHz Gold plated $Ask 3
QT4T6-4.000MHZ oscillator 4.000000mHz Gold plated $Ask 2
SG-31-49152MC $Ask 2
SPG8640A $Ask 2
SPG8640AN oscillator 600kHz programmable $Ask 6
SPG8640B $Ask 10
SPG8640BN oscillator 1mHz programmable $Ask 10
SPG8640C $Ask 4
SPG8640CN oscillator 769kHz programmable $Ask 3
SPG8650A oscillator 60kHz programmable $Ask 10
SPG8650B oscillator 100kHz programmable $Ask 11
SPG8650C oscillator 96kHz programmable $Ask 13
SPG8650O $Ask 32

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