MOS enhancement mode FETs

Electronic Engineering Surplus Metal Oxide Field Effect Transistors. All of these are Enhancement-Mode power-MOSFET's and all are suitable for power amplifiers. Audio in particular because of it's demanding dynamic range. The MOSFET is unique because it's input impedence is relatively constant with varying channel current which is not true for bipolar transistors. This makes them much more linear (predictable) so there is less distortion for the control loop (-feedback) to compensate for providing a more pure signal.

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PartNo Material Type Description Price ~Stock
IRF120 silicon MOSFET N-channel 100v 9.2A power $Ask 19 NOS
IRF130 silicon MOSFET N-channel 100v 14A power $Ask 2 NOS
IRF132 silicon MOSFET N-Channel 100V 12A power $Ask 11 NOS
IRF150 silicon MOSFET N-Channel 100v 38A power $Ask 1 NOS
IRF220 silicon MOSFET N-Channel 200v 5A power $Ask 2 NOS
IRF422 silicon MOSFET N-channel 500v 2.2A power $Ask 18 NOS
IRF430 silicon MOSFET N-Channel 500v 4.5A power $Ask 3 NOS
IRF9230 silicon MOSFET P-Channel -200v -6.5A power $Ask 1 NOS
IRF9532 silicon MOSFET P-channel -100v -10A power $Ask 4 NOS
MRF171 silicon MOSFET N-channel RF power $Ask 10 NOS
MTM1N100 silicon MOSFET N-channel 1000v 1A power $Ask 1 NOS
MTM2N85 silicon MOSFET N-channel 850v 2A power $Ask 16 NOS
MTM8N08 silicon MOSFET N-Channel 80v 8A power $Ask 18 NOS
MTM8P08 silicon MOSFET P-Channel -80v -8A power $Ask 19 NOS
RFP12N10L silicon MOSFET N-channel 100v 12A power $Ask 1 NOS
UFN120 silicon MOSFET power $Ask 1 NOS
UFN132 silicon MOSFET N-channel 100v 12A power $Ask 2 NOS
UFN150 silicon MOSFET power $Ask 1 NOS
VMP1 silicon MOSFET N-Channel siliconix vintage power $Ask 1 NOS

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