Connector collection

Military Surplus connectors acquired circa 1980's. Types include DB (military), BNC, SMA, PL259, Amphenol/Bendix (military round), DIN, XLR, phone-plug, RJ, jacks and plugs, ELCO, backplane and AC-power.

BNC SMA VHF UHF... Various controlled impedance High and Ultra-High frequency Coaxial connectors. Most of the BNCs are at least silver plated with gold pins. Many of the SMAs are Gold plated. There are also some miscellaneous Microwave connectors and Wave-Guide (for the extreme).
High Current... A general collection of mostly alligator clips and banana jacks and plugs. Basically anything that can handle at least a few Amps and did not fit in any other category.
Interface... Multi-Pin connectors of all types and shapes ranging from a few contacts up to hundreds. There are also backplane connectors and many types of cable-to-chassis high-density and high-quality connectors. Some of these have removable pins making assembly much easier and others may have preinserted wires potted to the connector for extreme reliability.
Military Round... High reliability Military round connectors designed for harsh and high temperature environments providing extreme reliability for rugged applications. There is also a small selection of caps available used to protect connector ends when disconnected as well as collar and strain-relief hardware.
IC Sockets... Various IC and Transistor sockets. Including cantilever and machined contacts in sizes up to 80 pins. IC sockets support only DIP packages. This category also includes press-fit socket and component mounting pins from Vector, single and dual headers (socket and pin) and insulation displacement (ribbon) connectors.
AC Power... A very small collection of AC plugs and sockets. Mostly generic and of low grade however there are also several Hubbell twist-lock in single and multi phase configurations.
Crimps... All types and sizes in gauges from 24 to 00 including spade, bullet, recepticle, fork, ring, butt etc... in both insulated and non-insulated. All industrial grade, or better. Additionally there are some specialty termination, right-angle and quick disconnect varieties.
DB and Multiconductor... D-Type miniature and sub-miniature and other miscellaneous multi-pin connectors. A few small prewired Military high-reliability and various insulation-displacement (ribbon) types as well.
Removable Pins... Insertable (removable) pins for various Military connectors. Most of these pins support the connectors listed elsewhere including some orphans that may still be useful as prototyping interconnects.
Crimp Insert Extract Tools... A small collection of tools for crimping, inserting and extracting removable connector pins all of which are old and used and out of calibration.