Misc Fasteners

There is a huge amount of fasteners available not just screws and nuts and washers. There is equipment and rack hardware, chassis hardware, standoffs and spacers, various captive nuts, cable routing hardware, rivets (pop and cold), and a variety of brackets. All very useful for 'Garage Engineering' prototyping.

Philips Head Screws... From 1/4" to 2" in length and sizes from #0-80 through 1/4"-24 and larger in both button-head (pan) and flat-head (countersink) styles. There is also available a supporting washer collection and various nuts of all types. All in a variety of alloys and plating (finishes).
Allen Head Screws... From 1/4" to over 8" in length and sizes from #2-56 and smaller to over an inch. Including socket, button (pan) and flat (countersink) styles. Many of these are solid stainless-steel and further heat-treated for extreme strength. There is also available a supporting washer collection and various nuts of all types.
Large Bolts... Hex head bolts of various sizes and grades as well as some large Allen-Head bolts. This is a small collection of mostly specialty items.
Nuts All Types... Various nuts including many common size from 0-80 to 1 in. and larger with various threading ratios (fine, course) in a variety of alloys and plating (finishes).
Captive Nuts... Aside from some common knurled press-fit (PEM) nuts there are a lot of very unusual and unique permanent threaded fasteners (captive nuts). This is a great resource for prototyping when silly mounting requirements need simplifying and a sheet-metal screw just wont do.
Washers All Types... All sizes of washers from #0 (maybe smaller) to inches. Mostly #2 - 1/4 in. available in flat, split, tooth (inside outside) in various sizes (I.D. O.D.) and material types and finishes from common Nickel plated Steel to solid Copper, Brass, Aluminum and Stainless.
Non-Magnetic... Brass, Copper, Aluminum and Stainless Steel fasteners, couplings and brackets. All Nonmagnetic helpful in reducing flux coupling in high-gain circuitry as well as protection from environmental assaults.
Various Helicoils... Small selection of Helicoils and other thread repair items. These are inserts only and require additional installation equipment which is not supplied.
Small Brackets... Various small, metal brackets probably from failed projects or assemblies. Made of a variety of materials, mostly light-weight, these are very useful as mounting and coupling hardware for mechanical interface.
Cable Routing Hardware... Various cable routing and harnessing hardware in plastic, metal and insulated-metal and in a wide selection of sizes also including cable harness manufacturing clamps.
Rack Mounting Hardware... Equipment Rack interfacing hardware from simple front handles and chassis mounting hardware to rack shelving and power distribution hardware.
Chassis Hardware... Miscellaneous handles, brackets and feet useful for chassis mounting, coupling and interfacing.
Standoffs and Spacers... All types of standoffs (threaded) and spacers (hollow) used primarily for elevation matching raising one assembly above another (isolate, couple). Mostly made of nonmagnetic materials (metal and plastic) these solve many prototyping and hobby requirements.
Rivets... Aircraft quality cold/hard (hammer peened) and pop rivets. Mostly Aluminum with a small selection in Brass also.