Misc Fasteners

There is a huge amount of fasteners available not just screws and nuts and washers. There is equipment and rack hardware, chassis hardware, standoffs and spacers, various captive nuts, cable routing hardware, rivets (pop and cold), and a variety of brackets. All very useful for 'Garage Engineering' prototyping.

Small Brackets... Various small, metal brackets probably from failed projects or assemblies. Made of a variety of materials, mostly light-weight, these are very useful as mounting and coupling hardware for mechanical interface.
Cable Routing Hardware... Various cable routing and harnessing hardware in plastic, metal and insulated-metal and in a wide selection of sizes also including cable harness manufacturing clamps.
Rack Mounting Hardware... Equipment Rack interfacing hardware from simple front handles and chassis mounting hardware to rack shelving and power distribution hardware.
Chassis Hardware... Miscellaneous handles, brackets and feet useful for chassis mounting, coupling and interfacing.