Rate gyroscopes

Surplus Military rate-gyroscopes used for inertial guidance and or stabilization. Acquired circa 1980's.

General information on gyroscopes can be found on Wiki. Additionally a more comprehensive inventory list (filtered) is available as a CSV file or if you didn't understand that there is also a Linux generated Excel version.

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PartNo Type Comment Manufacturer Price ~Stock
10-05434-001-HAC-252290 rate 26v 400hz/2ph 26v-po sn-x4 ACCO $Ask 1
10-08201-007-HAC-3166307 two axis rate system VARO $Ask 1
301615 rate gold-plated sn-l-111 US-TIME $Ask 3
302280 rate gold-plated US-TIME $Ask 1
302340-HAC-252290 rate compensated damping gold-plated US-TIME $Ask 1
64667-301-HAC-253958 rate NORTHRUP $Ask 2
GI-G6-HAC-252325-003 rate integrating 88932-67522-301 NORTHRUP $Ask 3
GR-H4-1.7G rate NORTRONICS $Ask 8

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