Electronic surplus attenuators and decade equipment. Types include continuously variable, switched decade, and step. Of the switched decade type there are resistor, capacitor and inductor. Most of these are considered precision instruments.

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PartNo Type Value / Range / Step Manufacturer Price ~Stock
1171 decade resistance 0-99999ohm EICO $Ask 1
702 decade inductance 0-1hy 0.1hy/stp HYCOR $Ask 2
CDA-5 decade capacitance 0.0001-0.011uf CDE $Ask 1
DS265 decade resistor 12kohm 23ma DEKASTAT $Ask 1
DT35 decade transformer DEKATRAN $Ask 1
IN-11 decade resistance 0-999999ohm HEATHKIT $Ask 1
LA-220-E step attenuator 250ohm 1.5db/stp 50db+off DAVEN $Ask 4
SPEC-5394 step attenuator 2k-2kohm 10db/stp 80db DAVEN $Ask 2
SPEC-5788 step attenuator 50kohm 2db/stp 38db+off DAVEN $Ask 1
SPEC-8481 step attenuator 600-1200ohm 2db/stp 56db DAVEN $Ask 2
SPEC-8482 step attenuator 600-1200ohm 2db/stp 60db DAVEN $Ask 2
T-324 step attenuator 500ohm 1db/stp 0-20db DAVEN $Ask 1

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