Relay collection

Surplus electronic relays acquired circa 1980's ranging from small signal to high power in single and multi-pole/throw with types including reed, mechanical, and solid state.

General information on relays can be found on Wiki. Additionally a more comprehensive inventory list (filtered) is available as a CSV file or if you didn't understand that there is also a Linux generated Excel version.

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PartNo Type Style Manufacturer Price ~Stock
115N02 SPST delay-relay AMPERITE $Ask 1 NOS
1857-HAC-719020-2 reed relay EL-S $Ask 4 NOS
243-7-2-D3 WABASH $Ask 6 NOS
25SA12A 4PDT 26.5vdc/2a FILTORS $Ask 1 NOS
3SAH1D43 4PDT 26.5vdc 500ohm/2a GE $Ask 1 NOS
3SAM1591A2 DPDT 1500ohm latching GE $Ask 5 NOS
3SAM6006N2 DPDT 1500ohm latching GE $Ask 1 NOS
3SAV1201A2 DPDT 26.5vdc 700ohm/2a 26.6vdc GE $Ask 12 NOS
412-1175 DPDT 26.5vdc 2000ohm TELEDYNE $Ask 5 NOS
412-1176 DPDT 18vdc 1130ohm TELEDYNE $Ask 1 NOS
412-1177 DPDT 12vdc 500ohm TELEDYNE $Ask 1 NOS
412-6000 DPDT 26vdc TELEDYNE $Ask 19 NOS
412T-5 DPDT 5vdc TELEDYNE $Ask 2 NOS
4AP36AF 4PDT 300ohms COUCH $Ask 1 NOS
650-5000 DPST hex 28vdc 260ohm/2a 28v DC $Ask 1 NOS
712D-12 DPDT 12vdc 390ohm TELEDYNE $Ask 1 NOS
712D-26 DPDT 26vdc 1560ohm TELEDYNE $Ask 16 NOS
712D-5 DPDT 5vdc 50ohm TELEDYNE $Ask 58 NOS
AA-2152 ASTEC $Ask 4 NOS
BR20-S444 DPDT 2x200ohm 10a latching? BABCOCK $Ask 1 NOS
HGSM5291 25.6vdc 675ohm/2a 100vac mercury wetted C.P.CLARE $Ask 2 NOS
M28776/01-006 DPDT 26vdc TELEDYNE $Ask 2 NOS
M39016/06-104L DPDT 26.5vdc 700ohm/2a 28vdc COMM-INSTR $Ask 6 NOS
M39016/06-205M DPDT 26.5vdc 700ohm/0.1a 50mvdc LEACH $Ask 4 NOS
M39016/13-056M DPDT HI-G $Ask 6 NOS
M39016/16-017L DPDT 5vdc HI-G $Ask 1 NOS
M39016/16-024L DPDT TELEDYNE $Ask 2 NOS
M5757/01-021 8PDT 26.5vdc 30ua at 30mv 1000hz STRUTHERS $Ask 82 NOS
M5757/09-004 8PDT 26.5vdc 700ohm/0.1a at 50mv 1000hz STRUTHERS $Ask 4 NOS
MRG-2-185 reed relay HAMLIN $Ask 12 NOS
MS25267-D1 4PDT 28vdc/5a LEACH $Ask 1 NOS
MS27400-1 4PDT 28vdc/10a 28vdc or 115/200vac 400hz STRUTHERS $Ask 4 NOS
MS27401-1 DPDT 28vdc/10a 28vdc or 115/200vac 400hz LEACH $Ask 4 NOS
R080B3P-10 4PDT 10-20vdc 80ohms HART $Ask 1 NOS
R1565-2 reed relay ELEC-TROL $Ask 12 NOS
R4003-3 ELEC-TROL $Ask 12 NOS
R6227-1 ELECTROL $Ask 1 NOS
RA30211051 ELEC-TROL $Ask 4 NOS
RP-9895-G44 DPDT 1500ohm C.P.CLARE $Ask 1 NOS

Found 313 items in 41 types