Electronic Scrap

Miscellaneous plated and/or solid precious and semi-precious metals that are most likely more valuable as scrap. Lot's of Gold-Plated (24-ct thick) and solid copper and brass...

Miscellaneous Military Insertable Pins Gold Plated.

Scrap Gold Pins. Scrap Gold Pins. Scrap Gold Pins.

Variety Of Old Components And Assembly Scrap Gold Plated.

Scrap Gold Parts. Scrap Gold Parts. Scrap Gold Parts.

Assorted Precious Metals Gold And Silver Plated Large Items.

Scrap Gold.

Small Selection Of Brass, Copper And Aluminum Fittings Solid.

Scrap Brass.

Many New And Used Connectors Some Without Pins Good Quality.

Scrap Connectors. Scrap Connectors.

Numerous Components Some Pulls Others Taped Mostly New All Unsorted.

Scrap Components. Scrap Components. Scrap Components.

MIL-W-16878/E Teflon Wire Scraps Some Terminated On Exotic Connectors.

Scrap Wire. Scrap Wire.

New copy.