Electronic surplus Military transistors ranging from small-signal to high-power including RF and microwave devices plus a small few in 'die' form. All NOS in excellent condition with straight factory-length leads and/or mounting hardware. Many of these items are gold or silver plated depending on their package style and qualification level.
Note: All military transistors in this catalog 'are' in fact identified as being JAN and/or 883B (or better) qualified however that designation was purposely omitted from the description in order to simplify part-numbering.

General information on transistors can be found on Wiki. Additionally a more comprehensive inventory list (filtered) is available as a CSV file or if you didn't understand that there is also a Linux generated Excel version.

Bipolar Small-Signal and Power Transistors. Germanium and Silicon Small-Signal, Medium and High Power general purpose transistors. Mostly 2NXXXX Metal encapsulated glass sealed High Reliability All NOS.
Field Effect Transistors. Small Signal Silicon Depletion mode Junction Field Effect Transistors. Some with dual gates. Some with single (tied) gate.
Metal Oxide Power Field Effect Transistors. High Grade Original Motorola and International Rectifier Silicon Metal Oxide Power Field Effect Transistors.
UHF and Microwave Transistors. Silicon RF, VHF, UHF and Microwave mixer, oscillator and power transistors and MOSFETs.
Silicon Controlled Rectifiers. .