Car Audio Amplifier Breadboards

Supplies to service the mechanical and electronic hobby prototyping community with everything needed to design and build prototypes from Audio Amplifiers to Robotics and Processor Controls.

Connectors Connectors... An unsorted collection of thousands of connectors. From High-Frequency BNC SMA types to common DB and RCA connectors. Mostly in the 'extreme' reliability category. There are also many common hobby parts like Banana jacks and posts and many pins and sockets. And a few Military round connectors.
Sockets IC and Transistor Sockets... Various moderate to high quality IC sockets. Included are also header and socket strips for interconnecting, pins and eyelets for passive component mounting and certain types of circuit-card connectors.
Crimps Crimps... Many type of crimps can be found here in a huge range of sizes from very small through very large, insulated and uninsulated. Configurations include Spade, Eyelet, Butt Splice, Bullet Connect and a few unusual types.
Fasteners Screws Nuts Bolts Washers etc... All types of fasteners can be found here from '0-80' screws, nuts and washers through inch sized bolts. Screws can be found in both Allen and Phillips with Cap, Button and Flat head styles. Many fasteners are Military or Aerospace grade and all are better (way) then what your local building supply offers.
Switches Switches... A small selection of switches single-pole, single-throw, etc... multi-pole, multi-throw, etc... Including Toggle, Slide, Push-button and Rotary types. There are additionally a few very interesting Military configurations for the adventurous.
Relays. A limited selection of High-Quality relays from low-current Signal switching through high-current power. Single and Multipole and single double latching and timed configurations. A good variety for such a small collection. All Military quality.
Knobs Dials And Knobs... A small set of Control knobs. Mostly 1/4 in. shaft and fairly common. However there are also many specialty (replacement) dials and knobs from old radios, televisions and instrumentation equipment. Some very unique.
Meters Meters And Indicators... A limited selection of Meters and Dial-Indicators. Mostly common Current and Voltage meters and a few 'Clasic' and very fine true 'VU' meters. There are also some old miscellaneous aircraft indicators.
HeatSync Power Component Heat-Sync... For semiconductor heat dissipation. There are, clip-on, for TO-5 and similar small transistors as well as TO-220 and TO-3 sizes. All intended for use on circuit-cards. There is additionally a few hundred pounds of medium to large extruded aluminum 'Finned' heatsync. Some premachined and drilled and mostly black anodized.

This collection supports fabrication needs for prototyping. From Chassis hardware to breadboarding and interfacing. There are also many unique ideas suggested as creative uses for these parts.