Electronic Components

Electronic component types available for purchase include Resistors, Capacitors, Diodes, Transistors, Integrated Circuits and a few Inductors and Transformers. Almost all of which are unused, in Factory condition and mostly of Military Grade.

Resistors. Including Carbon Composite, Carbon Film, Metal Oxide, Metal Film, Bulk Metal Foil and Wire Wound in many popular values and power ratings. Military types available are RCR RLR RN RH RWR and RBR. These are original. unused, resistors from Original Manufacturers like Allen Bradley, Angstrohm Precision, Mepco-Electra, Dale, Vishay, Caddock, etc.
Capacitors. Including Ceramic, Plastic (Polyester, Polystyrene, Polyethylene, Polypropylene, Polycarbonate, Mylar, Teflon), Oil and Paper, Mica, Glass, Aluminum, Tantalum (solid and wet). Military types available MIL-C 39001, 39003, 39006, 39014, 11272 and 83421.
Diodes and Rectifiers. Including Small Signal (General and Switching), High Current (General, High Speed and Schottky), Zeners and Current Regulating. Most of these are of Military grade and are identified (stamped) as JAN qualified (or better). Many of the High-Current diodes come with additional, high quality, mounting hardware.
Transistors, SCRs and TRIACs. Including Small Signal through High Power and in both Bipolar and FET configurations. There are many common types as well as some rare and highly specialized. Aside from general small-signal and high-current devices there are also some specialty Switching, Microwave and Matched (pairs, quads).
Crystals and Oscillators. Tuned quartz crystals and quartz crystal oscillators (clocks). There are even a few oven stabilized reference oscillators as well.
Integrated Circuits. Including Linear (OpAmps, Instrumentation, Data Conversion), Logic and Processing and Memory. Military types available are MIL-M-38510 additionally JAN/883 qualified.
Inductors and Transformers.
LEDs and Displays.
Vintage Vacuum Tubes.

This collection represents a very wide distribution of common components used when prototyping Analog Electronic circuits. No matter what the circuit there is a 'completely' satisfactory solution achievable within these devices. No matter how simple or critical the application may be.