Stored capacitors

Military Surplus capacitors acquired circa 1980's. All NOS in excellent condition with straight factory-length leads.
Note: All military capacitors in this catalog 'are' in fact identified as being JAN (or better) qualified however that designation was purposely omitted from the description in order to simplify part-numbering.

General information on capacitors can be found on Wiki. Additionally a more comprehensive inventory list (filtered) is available as a CSV file or if you didn't understand that there is also a Linux generated Excel version.

Sprague And Mallory Aluminum Electrolytic Capacitors... Vintage NOS small, medium and large Aluminum Electrolytic capacitors in a wide variety of values and voltages.
General Purpose Ceramic Capacitors... Including Vintage Single-Layer Disc as well as Multi-Layer in both Glass-Encapsulated axial and Epoxy-coated radial.
AVX and Kemet Monolithic Multilayer Ceramic Capacitors... Military Grade multilayer M39014 ceramic in both radial CK05 CK06 and Axial CKR22 packaging styles.
General Metalized Plastic-Film Capacitors... General plastic films including Polypropylene, Polyester (Mylar), Polyethylene types and polystyrene. NOS commercial grade in various values and voltages.
Cornell Dubilier Dipped Silvered Mica Capacitors... Vintage Mica capacitors known for excellent high voltage and high temperature stability with very low thermal drift. Available in precision values and designated high-reliability.
Glass Dielectric Capacitors... Glass Dielectric and glass encapsulated high performance and ultra high reliability Military/Aerospace Grade capacitors.
Component Research M83421 Polycarbonate Film Capacitors...
Oiled Paper Oil filled High Voltage Capacitors...
Vintage VitaminQ Polycarbonate Capacitors...
Military M39003 Solid Tantalum Capacitors... Solid-Electrolyte Tantalum (polarized) hermetically sealed High-Reliability capacitors. Extremely stable over time with "no known wear-out mechanisms" along with low DC-Leakage current, low ESR and a low Dissipation Factor.
Military M39006 Wet Tantalum Capacitors...
General Purpose Tantalum Capacitors... Solid-Electrolyte Tantalum capacitors rated Industrial or Commercial with stable reliable operation best suited for power supply decoupling, bypassing and RC-timing circuits.
ATC Multilayer Porcelain Microwave Capacitors... Primary uses include Bypass, Coupling, Tuning, Feedback, Impedance Matching and DC Blocking For UHF/Microwave RF Power Amplifiers, Mixers, Oscillators, Low Noise Amplifiers, Filter Networks, Timing Circuits and Delay Lines.
High Performance Feedthru Filter Capacitors...
Variable Capacitors...